Business Philosophy

What is the Electric Handyman’s business model?

My business is modeled around quick turnaround service and unparalled communication proactivity for electrical repair, diagnostic and trouble shooting, analytics and construction of new work. As such, quick turnaround and rapid fulfillment of jobs to resolve customer needs is critical. The quicker it’s done, the happier we all are. I depend on referrals and reviews to generate more revenue, not extending your job.

What the Electric Handyman’s business model is not?

I’m a service engineer, not a traditional building contractor. I’m not interested in anything less than the quickest resolution of your issue or small addition. However, quickest, cheapest, and most efficient long term and bigger picture resolution are not always synonymous.

How much does he cost ? Can I have a free estimate?

We have a different business model built around analytics and consulting and as such, do not do a lot of free estimates. While this model does not work for everyone, we have found it is much more accurate in terms of estimating job costs and preventing those surprises that are all so common in the contracting business. High quality electrical work is logistically and time intensive relatively speaking and most new construction projects of any size require work to determine important safety and efficiency factors that are critical to doing a job right. I have yet to be called back for any delivered technical errors in my work. All work has California Contractors board mandated 4/10 warranty.  I’m in this to make a fair and decent living while providing unparalleled technical expertise and proactive, responsive and thorough communication to my customers.